Driving Innovation and Development | Creating a Global Hub for the WEB3.0 Industry

Web3Labs aims to respond to the policy statement from the HKSAR Government on the development of virtual assets in Hong Kong. Through on-the-ground support, investment acceleration, technical collaborations, and compliance assistance, Web3Labs is dedicated to helping global Web3 companies establish their presence in Hong Kong. Our goal is to create a one-stop gateway for Web3 entrepreneurs. As of the end of July 2023, Web3Labs has provided support for nearly 1000 Web3 enterprises in terms of advice or on-the-ground services.

Web3Labs model

Accelerating and Investing in the WEB3.0 Ecosystem

Acceleration Programme

Establishing a WEB3.0 project acceleration system, integrating investment, community, and mentorship elements to boost development. Goal: Assist 1,000 WEB3.0 companies to launch and grow within three years.

Community Making

Creating a global community hub, hosting online and offline events including Demo Days, summits, and hackathons, uniting WEB3.0 entrepreneurs, developers, and investors. Goal: Build a global network of over 10,000 leaders.

Web 3.0 Foundation

Establishing a WEB3.0 fund led by traditional financial institutions and top WEB3.0 companies, focusing on investment in technology applications, such as the metaverse, underlying technologies, and distributed gaming.

Industrial Integration

Bridging WEB2.0 and WEB3.0 development, connecting traditional and WEB3.0 companies for joint growth, and expanding application scenarios.

Acceleration program

WEB3HUB, in collaboration with Tencent Cloud, introduces the "WEB3.0 Cloud Acceleration Program" to support WEB3.0 enterprises launching in Hong Kong. Upon approval by an expert committee, companies can receive up to $100,000 USD in "cloud investment."
"Web3.0 Cloud Acceleration Program"

Community Making

Actively promoting the growth of the web3.0 community, technology applications, and industry development in Hong Kong. Hosting a variety of community events, including large-scale summits and online public forums.

Power Web 3

Participants: 3000+

Participating Organisations: 100+

Twitter Space Webinars

Number of online simultaneous participants: 100K

Total views: 500K+

Supporting organizations: 50+

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