Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program

Neo Web3labs APAC Hackathon Finale

Web3Labs introduces the Hong Kong-based Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program, with a $10 million funding. In partnership with Neo, the second phase welcomes winners of the Neo Asia-Pacific Hackathon, demonstrating Hong Kong’s commitment to Web3.0 industry development.

The program aims to recruit technically advanced Web3 projects and accelerate their growth through financial incentives, technological empowerment, and implementation support.

Join us on October 28, 2023, at Hong Kong Cyberport for the launch ceremony, featuring Neo Asia-Pacific Hackathon winners. Witness the future of Web3 together.

3 major empowerment of the Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program

The second phase of the global acceleration program is coming soon. Please stay tuned for our latest updates.


Winter Application Period


10/10/2023 - 11/10/2023

Web3Labs has launched a Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program based in Hong Kong, with a total funding of 10 million USD. The second phase of the program will collaborate with Neo and allocate one million USD, demonstrating Hong Kong’s determination and commitment to developing the Web3.0 industry.

The primary objective of this global acceleration program is to recruit Web3 application projects with strong technical capabilities. Through financial incentives, technological empowerment, and acceleration support, Web3Labs aims to assist these competitive projects in rapid development and successful implementation.

Financial support

no less than


financial investment

no less than

$150,000 USD

Cloud service financial support

Technology empowerment

AnyCall Messaging System Workshop
Financial Support for Cloud Services
Software Code Audit Services
anyCall Workshop

Landing Acceleration

Technology empowerment


Fund Matching

Web3Labs has established the Web3.0 Investor Alliance, calling for top-tier primary funds in the industry to join. The alliance organizes regular Demoday offline events to facilitate efficient resource integration between project roadshows and institutional investors. Additionally, it regularly facilitates one-on-one project reviews between representatives from investment alliance members and international public chains.


Web3 Community

The plan includes providing guidance and sharing experiences on aspects such as business models and pitch structures before projects require financing. Web3Labs aims to match suitable funds when needed.


Brand Exposure

Web3Labs not only brings together top-tier resources from the political, academic, formal institutional, and industry investment sectors but also cultivates a Web3.0 community composed of industry elite entrepreneurs, Web3 developers, Builder enthusiasts, DAO organizations, and more. This community provides a broad perspective from top-level design to market positioning, enhancing the project's brand awareness and reputation in various fields, allowing for compliant settlement and development.


Entrepreneurial Mentors

Web3Labs has recruited top senior entrepreneurs from the industry as mentors, bringing specialized insights and guidance to entrepreneurs and developers in specific domains.


Office Space

Web3Labs has designated offline locations in Greater China and globally, offering access to shared spaces and facilities such as meeting rooms.

Conditions of participation

The program will acquire no more than 1%-5% equity or tokens, with the exact amount to be determined through discussions with the team accordingly.

The team interested in establishing themselves in Hong Kong
The project should include a cross-chain interaction infrastructure.
The team aims to build a native multi-chain application, first-launch projects or those with exceptional innovation in different application domains are prioritised.
The project must meet the following requirements: have testable code, a project whitepaper, and other documentation, a team (technical and market), website, and SNS presence.

The selection process consists of three parts

Review and study of relevant materials

Judging process and result announcement ​

Project roadshow​


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