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Building a New Ecosystem for Web3 Transaction Experiences

TrendX is reshaping the Web3 transaction ecosystem by positioning itself ahead of many competitors through its revolutionary AI-driven trading platform. The platform leverages cutting-edge big data and AI technologies to provide users with in-depth market trend analysis and intelligent support for trading decisions. TrendX's main competitive edge lies in its leading AI language processing models and on-chain data parsing capabilities, offering users an unprecedented trading experience and insights.

Currently, the platform has surpassed 81,000 interactive addresses, boasts over 39,000 Twitter key opinion leaders, and has attracted more than 180 professional institutions to join the veDAO expert committee. The projects listed on TrendX now exceed 8,300, while over 220 talent scouts are continuously adding new Web3 projects. These figures not only demonstrate the broad appeal and influence of the TrendX platform but also showcase its expanding and deepening market footprint within the Web3 domain.

Build the underlying infrastructure for multi-chain inscriptions

EVMS is a multi-chain inscription trading market supported by smart indexers, offering users a wide range of asset trading options thanks to its robust technical support and extensive network of partners. Its products also include a modular smart inscription indexing engine that allows project developers to issue protocols based on different indexing rules, as well as underlying cross-chain inscription infrastructure (an inscription version of LayerZero).

EVMS has successfully integrated with exchange wallets such as OKX Web3 Wallet, Binance Web3 Wallet, and Bybit Web3 Wallet, enabling its users to seamlessly trade across multiple blockchains, including BNB Chain, Polygon, Ethereum, ZKSync, various BTC L2s, and more. EVMS has received investment and support from the Binance-affiliated BNB 48 Club and is supported by over 10 L1 blockchains and BTC L2 blockchains, aiming to create a thriving new asset trading platform. Furthermore, EVMS will leverage its smart indexing engine to provide services like staking and DEX for public chain inscriptions and Bitcoin ecosystem assets, building infrastructure for new types of assets.

Pioneer in making global real estate investment easy for users

PlayEstates has significantly lowered the barrier to global real estate market entry by fragmenting and tokenizing properties. Its innovation lies in transforming real estate investment from an unattainable venture into an easy and enjoyable experience. Users can invest in high-quality tangible assets using cryptocurrency, enjoying annual returns of 8% to 20%.

Moreover, users can not only invest in global properties but also trade them on secondary markets, enjoying capital appreciation and rental income. PlayEstates represents a model innovation in the asset side of the Real World Assets (RWA) domain. Future extensions of the product variety, such as usage rights, online loans, and mortgage loans, will also be gradually introduced as the platform develops.

Recently, PlayEstates launched a beta version on the Blast platform, opening the product for internal testing. Users participating in the beta will receive airdrops of its OWND token and NFT rewards.

Blade of God X
An epic role-playing game continuing the legacy of classic games

"Blade of God X" (BOG X) is a AAA-level action role-playing game (Action-RPG) and the latest sequel in the flagship series "Blade of Gods" by the studio. Its predecessor, "Blade of God 1", achieved over 3.5 million downloads globally on mobile and PC platforms. "Blade of God 2", released in early 2023, naturally surpassed 2.5 million downloads.

BOG X utilizes the patented PG engine, a cross-platform 3D solution that was previously used during the 2008 Beijing Olympics and served as the main dynamic graphics designer for Beyoncé's halftime show at the 2013 Super Bowl. The project's development team boasts over 17 years of professional experience in the Asian gaming market and is supported by Tencent (Series A investor) and Perfect World (seed investor).

Innovative multi-chain marketplace for NFT liquidity and value

N2FT, as a multi-chain NFT aggregator and marketplace, enhances the intrinsic value and liquidity of NFTs through innovative technology and gameplay mechanics. It innovatively binds ERC-721 standard NFTs with ETH, upgrading them to ERC-721D, thereby providing an effective solution to the liquidity challenges in the NFT market.

Compared to the currently popular ERC404 and other image token conversion protocols, N2FT's approach extends the existing protocols while maintaining orthodoxy, and it can also inherit the substantial volume of existing NFT assets. This strategy allows for greater flexibility and value retention in the NFT ecosystem.

Leading a new chapter in data synchronization and analysis

OwlSync is a leading AI-driven Web3 media aggregator dedicated to achieving instant information synchronization and automated operations. This decentralized Layer 3 network, based on the OwlSync protocol, makes it possible to integrate traditional social media data sources onto the blockchain, ensuring the security and transparency of user data interactions. With core features such as real-time data synchronization, intelligent Q&A, and in-depth analysis, OwlSync significantly enhances the efficiency of information access and sharing. Additionally, its AI analysis engine provides precise, personalized insights, optimizing the decision-making process for users.

OwlSync is evident in multiple application scenarios. It not only provides instant Q&A responses within social apps like Telegram and Discord, but it also offers deep analytical functions, providing users with investment research reports and market insights. OwlSync is becoming a significant force in driving the development of innovative digital ecosystems, envisioning a more connected, efficient, and intelligent future.

A Web3 native lifestyle brand for sustainable development products

Zest is dedicated to creating sustainable development products and uses Web3 incentives to raise awareness of sustainability, thus mitigating the impact of global climate change. Their first product line, Mode323, consists of sneakers made entirely from renewable materials and features collaborations with brands like Nike.

In the Web3 domain, Zest has developed a behavior analysis system that records and rewards users for using sustainable products. This initiative aims to bridge manufacturers, brands, and consumers, fostering a community with a strong consensus on sustainability. Built on the Solana blockchain, the Zest team comprises members from leading Web3 projects like Helium and RSS3, bringing a wealth of experience and innovation to their platform.

A Web3-based competitive board game platform.

CHIPCHIP is a next-generation board game platform aiming to serve the global market with 500 million digital asset holders and 1 billion board game enthusiasts. It seamlessly integrates board games with social interaction, offering a one-stop solution to enhance game organization efficiency and build social networks. The core framework of the product includes features like rapid match-making for board games and a board game publishing platform. Users have the option to safely store their digital assets on the CHIPCHIP platform or within smart contracts, enhancing asset security.

CHIPCHIP is set to launch its first Web3 Texas Hold'em product soon. Highlights include the ability to trade and compete with friends anytime, anywhere, create multi-table tournaments (MTTs), and participate without any entry barriers. Users can set conditions such that only specific NFT holders can join competitions or one must join a particular group chat to enter, thus driving community engagement. The platform supports spectators who can watch games and use NFTs or social media accounts for personal identity display. Additionally, players can earn token airdrops through gameplay. CHIPCHIP aims to create a highly engaging and playable Web3 board game platform.

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