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Recruitment of “Satoshi Lab” Genesis Ecosystem Partners: Co-creating a New Era for the Bitcoin Ecosystem.

Satoshi Lab is a laboratory jointly initiated by Web3Labs and Waterdrip Capital, focusing on research and development within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Bitcoin, as an elder statesman in the world of blockchain, has seen remarkable developments since its inception. On October 31, 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published a groundbreaking paper titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” On January 3, 2009, the first Bitcoin genesis block was created. After more than ten years of development, Bitcoin has grown into a digital asset with a market value of hundreds of billions of dollars, gaining widespread recognition in global mainstream markets.

In the past, Bitcoin faced skepticism for its limited applicability, but it is exciting to note that in recent months, the Bitcoin ecosystem has experienced a resurgence. This revival has been particularly driven by innovations such as the Ordinals protocol, which has introduced unique features to the Bitcoin network, including inscriptions, Brc20 tokens, BTC NFTs, and more. These developments have rekindled interest in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

This is a special time as we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Bitcoin whitepaper. On the eve of a potential global Bitcoin ecosystem boom, Satoshi Lab has emerged, calling upon Bitcoin builders from around the world to join this wave and collaboratively shape the future of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Satoshi Lab is a laboratory jointly initiated by Web3Labs and Waterdrip Capital, focusing on research and development within the Bitcoin ecosystem. In the future, Satoshi Lab will place a strong emphasis on areas such as Ordinals, BTClayer2, Lightning Network, RGB, and Nostr, covering in-depth industry research, project incubation, knowledge dissemination, and organizing relevant theme conferences. The mission of Satoshi Lab is to drive global development within the Bitcoin ecosystem, with its headquarters based in Hong Kong, extending its influence to the global Bitcoin community.

At the inception of Satoshi Lab, we sincerely invite venture capitalists, project founders, the Bitcoin community, media representatives, developer communities, and other individuals who are optimistic about the Bitcoin ecosystem to join us as founding ecosystem partners.

If you are a project, by joining Satoshi Lab, you will receive:

1. Support from top-tier investors’ funding: Satoshi Lab plans to establish a Bitcoin ecosystem special purpose vehicle (SPV) fund to provide early-stage financing to accelerate projects.

2. Comprehensive innovation and technology services: Satoshi Lab will offer qualified projects all-in-one support, leveraging the advantages of innovation hubs such as the Cyberport and Hangzhou-Hong Kong Science and Technology Building to help projects successfully expand internationally.

3. Regular invitations for industry experts: Satoshi Lab will regularly invite industry experts, including Bitcoin core developers, founders, and partners from investment firms, for closed-door discussions, providing professional guidance to accelerate projects.

4. Networking with outstanding members of the Bitcoin ecosystem: You will have the opportunity to connect with exceptional individuals within the Bitcoin ecosystem, helping project teams find suitable partners and developers, and building a strong team.

If you are an investment institution, by joining Satoshi Lab, you will receive:

1. Co-building with projects: Participate in joint investments and early-stage investments in future Bitcoin special purpose vehicle (SPV) funds.

2. Access to the Satoshi Lab ecosystem partner network.

3. Investment institutions will act as mentors and be regularly invited to provide insights and guidance on the Bitcoin ecosystem, aiding the acceleration and consultation of Satoshi Lab’s projects.

4. Invitations to participate as judges in Bitcoin ecosystem project Demo Days and hackathon series.

If you are a Bitcoin technical expert, by joining Satoshi Lab, you will receive:

1. Participation in Satoshi Lab’s series of online and offline technical discussion events.

2. Collaborative publication of Bitcoin ecosystem research reports.

3. Sharing in the future development benefits of ecosystem projects.

As part of the future plan, Satoshi Lab will organize 1-2 accelerator programs each year to provide acceleration and incubation support for new projects and hold immersive entrepreneurial Hacker House events to help founders solve real-world business challenges. In addition, participants in Satoshi Lab’s event series will benefit from substantial support from various investment institutions, project founders, public blockchain communities, university blockchain entrepreneurship clubs, global KOLs, and developer communities, all of which will contribute to greater project promotion and exposure.

On the eve of a new chapter in the Bitcoin ecosystem, the “Genesis Ecosystem Partner Recruitment Program” is about to launch. Satoshi Lab enthusiastically calls upon Bitcoin builders from around the world to join and co-create the future of the Bitcoin ecosystem. If you are passionate about Bitcoin and wish to contribute to its development, please consider joining Satoshi Lab and join hands with us to usher in a fresh era for the Bitcoin ecosystem.

To learn more and access the registration link:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe5PXdm6v1YIzNui0CPhlT9dxOzQfK5rolSRZ5tF_l6kX5ogg/viewform




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