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Last Day for Super Early Bird Tickets: Deep dive into Bitcoin Asia 2024 Summit Details, Ticketing, and Sponsorship Options

Following years of successful hosting of the world's largest Bitcoin conference in Miami, the event organizers, Bitcoin Conference and Bitcoin Magazine, are renowned internationally for their brand reputation and influence. Web3Labs, a one-stop portal for Web3.0 startups based in Hong Kong, has entered into a strategic partnership with the conference organizers, marking the Bitcoin conference's inaugural footprint in Asia. This initiative heralds the beginning of a new era in the integration of digital currencies between the East and the West. Scheduled for May 9-10, 2024, at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong Kong, Bitcoin Asia 2024 is set to be not only an industry summit but also a grand celebration of cultural exchange. Hong Kong, a nexus of Eastern and Western cultures, will provide an ideal platform for participants from around the globe, offering not only novel business prospects but also a fusion of values and ideas.

Kai Tak Cruise Terminal: A First-Class Venue

The summit is set at the picturesque Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, designed by the world-renowned architectural firm Foster + Partners. With its open design and spacious interiors, the terminal offers an excellent platform for showcases and interactions. The terminal itself is a work of modern art, adding a unique flair to the summit.

Stepping into the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, you are immediately transported into a world of future technology. Here, a 3D holographic projection and LED screens create an Ordinal tunnel, acting as a gateway to the digital currency universe and introducing you to a new dimension. As the latest technologies dance and flicker before your eyes, you will feel as though you have embarked on a journey to explore the future of Bitcoin.

During the summit, attendees can enjoy a selection of fine snacks and rich coffee at the carefully curated food and coffee stands. These specialty services are designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable environment, where you can delve into the exciting prospects of digital currency while savoring the delights of Hong Kong cuisine.

The World’s Largest Bitcoin Summit Reappears

As the digital currency industry’s annual event, the Bitcoin Summit attracts prominent figures from the fields of finance, technology, sports, and politics. They come together to discuss the regulation of cryptocurrencies, future directions, and innovative technologies, and to strategize about the digital currency sphere. The lineup of speakers at the event is diverse, representing a vanguard for technological progress, regulatory trends, and the announcement of significant national policies. The expected participation of more than 4,000 attendees, representation from over 500 companies, and the presence of over 200 media representatives highlights the influence of the summit and the vitality of the entire cryptocurrency industry.

International Top-Tier Media Broadcasting in Sync

The summit’s impact is also reflected in the extensive media coverage. With media viewership numbers soaring into the hundreds of millions, major news outlets compete to report the event, from CNBC to FOX and Bloomberg, to 260 television networks worldwide. Each outlet contributes significantly to the grandeur of the occasion. The 350 on-site media personnel ensure that every exciting moment of this grand event is visible to a global audience. This is not only a celebration for digital currency enthusiasts but also a window into an in-depth analysis of the future monetary trends on a global scale.

At Bitcoin Asia 2024, our focus extends beyond knowledge sharing and industry showcasing to crafting a memorable social experience for you. Imagine, at the Whale Night dinner, the opportunity to share gourmet meals and insights with low-profile veteran investors and well-known international figures. On this night, designed for industry leaders, genuine connections and insights could quietly emerge over a glass of wine or a shared smile.

Regarding our guest lineup, we are currently in the mysterious invitation phase, with exciting revelations on the horizon. What’s certain is that every booth at the conference will be closely tied to the Bitcoin theme, meaning that every attendee will be intimately connected to the future of Bitcoin. From miners to large institutions, from exchanges to entrepreneurs in the Bitcoin ecosystem, this will be a gathering place for the blockchain industry’s elite.

Bitcoin Summit Ticket Information

General Admission—A Journey of Exploration and Enlightenment
The general admission ticket grants you access to a two-day journey of excitement. You will have the opportunity to enter various stages and listen to top industry speakers deliver compelling talks. This is not only a learning opportunity but also a precious moment to gain the latest industry knowledge. General admission ticket holders will also have access to Asia’s largest Bitcoin expo hall, where the latest industry technologies and products are gathered, making it an excellent platform for discovering new industry trends.

Whale Pass—The Ultimate VIP Experience
For those seeking the ultimate experience, the Whale Pass is the ticket of choice. You will enjoy exclusive access through the VIP channel, ensuring a prestigious VIP experience throughout the event. Seats are reserved for you at all keynote speeches and panel discussions to ensure you can absorb the wisdom of each industry leader in comfort.

In The Deep: Whale VIP Lounge, designed exclusively for Whale Pass holders, you can relax in a luxurious setting and network with industry elites. The lounge offers a full range of high-end catering services, allowing you to enjoy gourmet food without missing any business opportunities.

You will also have the chance to participate in the exclusive VIP Only Whale Night event, which is a rare opportunity to interact closely with industry moguls and establish connections. Through our dedicated networking application, you can easily connect with other ‘whale’ members to expand your professional network.

Ticket purchase link: https://asia.b.tc/discount/HK2024

The early bird offer for The Bitcoin Conference is about to end! Until this Saturday, there is still a chance to obtain tickets at a discounted price. The general admission ticket is priced at $99, while the exclusive Whale Pass with VIP access and privileges is priced at $3,499. This may be your last chance to join the event at the most affordable price, as ticket prices will gradually return to the original price of around $400 as the conference date approaches.

Bitcoin Summit Sponsorship Details

Sponsoring the Bitcoin Asia 2024 Summit will place your brand directly in touch with the core Bitcoin community, alongside industry leaders, expanding your business network and elevating your influence on the global stage. At this focal point of the blockchain industry, enhance brand awareness, establish valuable connections, and gain a prestigious experience. Seize this unique opportunity to position your brand as a synonym for cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Sponsorship Types

At the event, our diverse brand display solutions will safeguard your company’s presence. From vivid digital screens to eye-catching LED billboards, we ensure your brand image is omnipresent.

Sponsor exclusive conference wearables and leave a lasting brand impression. Every piece of memorabilia adorned with your logo that participants take home will extend your brand’s influence beyond the confines of the conference.

We offer exclusive social event sponsorships, allowing you to cultivate deep connections with potential clients in a customized setting, forging more profound collaborative relationships. Entertain guests in your exclusive lounge or shine at the exclusive Whale Night event.

Become a sponsor of our signature events, breathing in unison with the conference and becoming an integral part of it. Whether serving as the official payment processor for flagship events or creating a visual feast in the Bitcoin Art Gallery, these opportunities will ensure your brand remains etched in the memory of every attendee. As the official badge sponsor or pricing sponsor, you will be prominently displayed at the heart of the venue, on the official website and big screens, capturing attendee attention with your brand each time they check important data.

Contact Us

For more detailed information on our sponsorship packages, please contact the Web3Labs team. You can reach us via the WeChat ID @x354445cE, where our team will be ready to provide you with comprehensive sponsorship information and personalized service. We look forward to your inquiries!

As a strategic partner of the summit, Web3Labs is committed to supporting the smooth progression of the event. From policy support and merchant cooperation to ticket distribution, we offer professional assistance at every critical juncture to ensure an unforgettable experience for every participant.

We cordially invite prospective partners interested in the summit to explore the vast opportunities for cooperation with us. Whether it is merchant collaboration or other business opportunities, we look forward to an in-depth dialogue with you.

Stay tuned to Web3Labs’ public channels and Twitter @Web3LabsClub for the latest updates and real-time developments of the summit. Let’s meet in the enchanting city of Hong Kong to witness the unfolding of a new chapter in Bitcoin’s story, marking our moment in history.



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