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Web3Labs Announced as Strategic Partner for The Bitcoin Conference’s Inaugural Bitcoin Asia 2024 Event in Hong Kong

On January 23, 2024, the Hong Kong Bitcoin Conference Bitcoin Asia 2024, organized by the world's largest Bitcoin conference company, The Bitcoin Conference, announced that it will be held grandly at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong Kong from May 9 to 10, 2024. Following the 2023 Miami Bitcoin Conference, this is another highly anticipated major conference and the first time the Bitcoin Conference is entering the Asian market, thus sparking a significant discussion in the crypto industry. At this important moment, the two parties jointly announced that Web3Labs has become the strategic partner of The Bitcoin Conference to jointly assist in the successful holding of this grand event. This partnership symbolizes both parties' determination and mission to connect the East and the West and establish a more interconnected, open, and innovative global Bitcoin ecosystem and community. It represents a critical milestone in the development of the international Bitcoin ecosystem.

The Bitcoin Conference’s choice of Hong Kong as its first stop in the Asian market is itself a historic move. On one hand, the most influential core group in the crypto industry sees Hong Kong’s friendly policies towards crypto development and policy stability; on the other hand, Hong Kong is the best regional choice for linking and integrating Eastern and Western cultures and Bitcoin ecosystems. Web3Labs, as a one-stop startup service platform for WEB3.0, has its headquarters in Hong Kong and has established offline incubators in various regions in Asia, becoming one of the most influential incubators in the industry. Web3Labs will fully empower its resources and network to assist the conference organizers with policy support, merchant cooperation, publicity exposure, ticket distribution, localization consultation, and services, and jointly build a rich and professional communication platform.

Web3Labs will play a key role in the preparation and execution of the “Bitcoin Asia” conference with its strong influence and resources in the Asian market. Web3Labs will work closely with the organizers, apply for policy support from Hong Kong, and act as the designated ticket agent in Asia to assist in the planning of the conference’s market promotion, expanding the conference’s influence through marketing strategies and exposure channels more suited to local culture, and helping Asian users understand the conference details and purchase tickets more smoothly. At the same time, Web3Labs will utilize its industry network to attract and recruit sponsors to inject the necessary funds and resources into the conference. In terms of venue coordination, Web3Labs will assist the organizers to coordinate a more suitable venue and ensure that venue layout and technical support meet the high standards of the event. Through this series of careful planning and meticulous execution, Web3Labs is committed to making the “Bitcoin Asia” conference a benchmark event in the industry.

As the first “The Bitcoin Conference” event in Asia, Web3Labs’ global vision and local experience will ensure that this conference is not only a focus on the Asian market but also a focal point for the global Bitcoin community. The cooperation between Web3Labs and The Bitcoin Conference will make the conference a truly global event, providing a platform for Bitcoin enthusiasts, experts, and investors to share knowledge, establish connections, and celebrate Bitcoin culture.

Hong Kong, a melting pot of diverse cultures, with its unique geographical advantages, makes it the ideal platform to connect the East and the West. Here, ideas and business models from different cultural backgrounds are freely integrated, sparking innovative business concepts and models. Through this partnership, Web3Labs has shown its firm determination to promote the development of the global Bitcoin ecosystem and support Hong Kong as the future world center of the crypto industry. Web3Labs believes that the holding of “Bitcoin Asia” in Hong Kong will attract more industry elites, investors, and thought leaders to discuss and shape the future of Bitcoin and the entire Web3 field. We look forward to witnessing history in Hong Kong and jointly opening a new chapter in Bitcoin.

About Web3Labs

As a one-stop gateway for Web3.0 startups, Web3Labs aims to respond to the policy declarations of the HKSAR government and assist global Web3 companies in establishing themselves in Hong Kong through landing services, investment acceleration, technical cooperation, and compliance support. Web3Labs currently has offline incubators in Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Hangzhou, Beijing and other locations to help Web3 companies expand their international presence from Hong Kong.

Web3Labs has under its umbrella three vertical investment entities: Satoshi Labs, which invests in the Bitcoin ecosystem; ICC, which is deeply engaged in the GameFi sector; and AIFocus, which focuses on AI+Web3 and the DePin field.

About The Bitcoin Conference
The Bitcoin Conference is a premier event in the crypto world, attracting leading figures from finance, technology, politics, and sports. With past speakers like Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele and tech icons like Peter Thiel, it’s a melting pot of ideas and innovation in the financial sector.

Ticket Purchase Portal

The conference now offers super early bird prices. General Admission tickets are priced at $99, while the exclusive Whale Pass, which includes VIP access and privileges, is priced at $3,499.

For more information and to purchase tickets at super early bird prices, please visit our website at https://asia.b.tc/discount/HK2024. Follow us and The Bitcoin Conference on Twitter @Web3LabsClub @thebitcoinconf for the latest conference news and updates.

(Editor’s Note: Prices may increase in two weeks, so purchase your tickets soon.)



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