DFINITY Foundation Teams Up with Web3Labs to Drive Blockchain Innovation and Ecosystem Upgrade in Asia

Building a New Web3 Ecosystem, ICP X Web3Labs Accelerator Program Recruitment Fully Launched

In March of this year, the DFINITY Foundation announced a strategic partnership with Web3Labs and jointly launched a global accelerator program.

In March 2024, the DFINITY Foundation, a Swiss non-profit organization and major contributor to the Internet Computer Protocol ( ICP ) , announced a strategic partnership with Web3Labs and jointly launched the “ICP X Web3Labs Accelerator” on Olympus, a decentralized global acceleration platform initiated by DFINITY Foundation with $15 million funding support . With the vision of decentralizing the venture building ecosystem for ICP and multi-chain projects , Olympus is committed to accelerating the development and implementation of cutting-edge Web3 and AI technologies, injecting strong momentum into the growth of blockchain and AI development technologies in Asia.

Today, the ICP X Web3Labs Accelerator is now fully recruiting globally, earnestly inviting innovative Web3 startup teams from around the world to join us. This is a platform full of opportunities and challenges, where selected teams will be provided with a comprehensive 5-month acceleration service, covering financial assistance, resource integration, technical training, and market expansion. Here, you will have the chance to interact face-to-face with top industry mentors and experts, to draw from their wisdom and experience, and to receive valuable guidance and advice for your project.

Accelerator Highlights

1、Olympus Exclusive Grant Incentive

Selected high-quality projects can receive up to 50,000 USD in special Grant incentives provided by Olympus.

2、Professional Technical Support

Technical guidance and support will be provided to selected projects, including but not limited to blockchain development, smart contract writing, security audits, and other development domains.

3、Marketing Promotion & Media Exposure

Selected projects will be promoted on Web3Labs’ and YouTube accounts, facilitating collaborations with community KOLs and media resources. Global PR consulting services will also be provided.There is also an opportunity of tapping into various ICP ecosystem marketing and promotion channels.

4、One-on-One Financing Connections

Web3Labs, in collaboration with the DFINITY Foundation and the Hong Kong Web3.0 Investment Alliance, will arrange one-on-one financing connections for participants to secure capital support. Additionally, project owners may have opportunities for co-investment from other leading VCs.

5、IPO Referral Channel

An IPO referral channel will be introduced for selected projects, enabling smoother market entry and attracting more users and investors.

6、Policy & Legal Consultation

Accurate interpretations and guidance on the latest policy trends and legal requirements in the Web3 industry will be provided. Consultation and support will be given in areas such as business plan formulation, policy consulting, and legal dispute resolution.

7、SNS DAO Token Listing & Financing

SNS DAO is token launch and DAO infrastructure platform developed by the DFINITY Foundation. High-quality projects can apply to conduct token public sales on the platform, and become DAO governed projects after the successful completion of the public sale. Launch via SNS DAO needs to obtain ICP community voting for the project.

8. Other Customized Acceleration Services

Customized acceleration services tailored to the characteristics and needs of selected projects will be provided to ensure that each participant receives targeted and specialized support.

Olympus Global Accelerator Platform Ecosystem Mentors Support

Projects selected for the ICP X Web3Labs Accelerator will not only receive in-depth guidance from Web3Labs’ professional mentors and also have the opportunity to engage with mentors from the Olympus platform.These mentors will share their experiences, insights, and provide diagnostic feedback for the selected projects.

Accelerator Schedule

  • July-August — Project Recruitment
  • August-September — Project Screening and Opening
  • October-November — Courses, Activities, and Study Tours
  • November-December — Resource Docking and Project Acceleration
  • December-Next June — Closing and Follow-up The specific schedule may be adjusted according to the actual situation at the time.

Project Requirements

  1. Technical Content and Innovation Projects that have certain technical breakthroughs and forward-thinking innovation in the Web3 track.
  2. Sustainability and Feasibility The project team has developed a comprehensive and feasible sustainable development plan, covering multiple dimensions such as fundraising, market expansion, technology iteration, and team building, to ensure the project’s long-term stable growth.
  3. Team Capability The project team must possess the necessary technical and business skills to ensure the success of the project, including the background, experience, and expertise of team members.
  4. Execution Plan The project must provide a development plan for execution, clearly stating how to use the resources provided by the accelerator to achieve key milestones of the project.
  5. Legal and Regulatory Compliance Ensure that the legal structure of the project, contract signing, and all related affairs strictly comply with local laws and regulations.
  6. Honesty and Transparency Adhere to the principles of honesty and transparency, maintain close communication and cooperation with the accelerator, regularly report on project progress, fund use, and any significant changes, to ensure that both parties have a comprehensive understanding of the project.
  7. Commitment and Desire for Cooperation Participating projects must demonstrate commitment to and willingness to cooperate with the accelerator, including actively participating in mentor guidance, collaborating with other teams, and sharing experiences.
  • These conditions will help ensure that the accelerator’s resources and support are allocated to the projects with the greatest potential that are ready to succeed. Additionally, depending on the nature of the projects, the conditions may be adjusted to better meet the specific needs and opportunities of different fields.

Caspar Wong, CEO of Web3Labs

The partnership between Web3Labs and the ICP, one of the top 20 leading public blockchains globally, is of great significance to us. Both parties share a common vision of building a decentralized global computing system and goals that highly align in promoting blockchain technology governance and deepening community participation.

Olympus Acceleration Platform, as a core project created by the DFINITY Foundation, and Web3Labs, as one of the first batch of strategic partners, will spare no effort to empower creative and cutting-edge technology teams in the Web3 field. Through multidimensional support including financial aid, resource sharing, technical support, and brand promotion, we are committed to injecting vibrant vitality and strong momentum into the flourishing development of the Web3 ecosystem.

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About Web3Labs

As a one-stop entry point for Web3.0 startups, Web3Labs aims to respond to the policy declaration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government. It supports global Web3 businesses in establishing a presence in Hong Kong and connecting internationally through services such as on-the-ground service implementation, investment acceleration, technological collaboration, and compliance assistance. Web3Labs currently has offline incubators in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Hangzhou, Beijing, and other locations.

Under Web3Labs, there are two vertical track incubation institutions and two vertical track incubation funds. These are the ICC Camp, which focuses on the Gamefi sector, AIFocus, which pays attention to AI+Web3 and the Depin sector, as well as the Satoshi Labs fund dedicated to the Bitcoin ecosystem, and the computing power fund that concentrates on early-stage AI projects.

About ICP

The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) is a decentralized cloud 3.0 protocol that allows developers to build and run services, systems and applications directly on a public blockchain with unprecedented scalability. 

Hosted services running on top of ICP are tamperproof and can natively interact with the outside world, both with traditional web 2.0 services and with other blockchains.




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