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Web3Labs and Zetrix Announce the Selected Projects of the ‘Global Web3.0 Acceleration Program’

June 2024 | After careful preparation and rigorous screening by Web3Labs and Zetrix, several projects that demonstrate outstanding potential in innovation and technology stood out. Web3Labs and Zetrix carefully reviewed hundreds of application materials and after three rounds of rigorous selection process, the first batch of projects entered the camp.

These projects cover multiple fields, each representing the peak of innovative thinking and technological innovation in their respective fields. The successful selection of these projects is not only a recognition of their innovative capabilities and technological strength, but also an expectation and encouragement for the future development of the Web3 field.

Accelerator background review

In January of this year, Web3Labs, Zetrix and venture capital partner Summer Capital announced a strategic cooperation and jointly launched a global accelerator program with a total amount of tens of millions of dollars.

On March 1st, the Zetrix & Web3Labs Accelerator Camp officially opened for applications, seeking to recruit projects from Web3 startup teams worldwide. Projects entering the camp will receive a special Grant incentive of $25,000 and have the opportunity to secure an investment of approximately $300,000 from institutions in the Web3Labs investment consortium, including Foresight Venture and Summer Capital. Additionally, they will partake in six months of intensive acceleration services and enjoy various motivational measures, including a green channel for exchange listings.

Selection Criteria

During the selection process, Web3Labs and Zetrix adhered to strict evaluation criteria to ensure that the selected projects could stand out in the fiercely competitive market. The evaluation criteria mainly cover four dimensions:

Team: The background, experience, leadership, and execution capabilities of the project team are assessed. An excellent team is the key to the success of a project, and their background and experience will directly impact the implementation and advancement of the project.

Market Potential: The current status and potential of the market in which the project is located, including market size, growth rate, and user adoption rate, are examined. A project with a broad market and potential will more easily attract the attention of investors and partners.

Innovation: The novelty of the project’s concept, the creativity of its solutions, and the advancement of its technology are evaluated. In the Web3 field, innovation is a crucial driving force for industry development. A project with innovative qualities has the potential to lead industry trends.

Synergy with Zetrix Public Blockchain Ecosystem:Zetrix, a well-known public blockchain from Malaysia, deeply integrates with China’s national-level public blockchain, Xinghuo Chain, providing underlying financial infrastructure in areas such as Real-World Assets (RWA), trading base platforms, and Web3 applications. Projects are evaluated based on their synergy with the Zetrix ecosystem.

Overview of selected projects


Voluntary Carbon Sink Asset Management Assessment and Issuance Platform

Project Introduction:RicercarLabs is a decentralized voluntary carbon offset asset management and assessment institution. We focus on the voluntary carbon offset trading market, integrating traditional carbon assessment with AI and Web3 to enhance the digitalization and liquidity of voluntary carbon offset assets, maximizing asset efficiency in the carbon neutrality sector.

Ricercar Launchpad is a platform for issuing carbon assets that is vertical to the voluntary carbon offset trading market. It uses real-time global carbon asset prices as a benchmark and manages the full-chain issuance of voluntary carbon offset projects, aiming to digitize the voluntary carbon offset projects and enhance liquidity.


Web3Labs Review: The global carbon sink market has reached 3 billion US dollars, and it will continue to grow in the context of the global pursuit of carbon neutrality and ESG effects. At the same time, the digital attributes of carbon sinks are naturally suitable for RWA targets that are combined with Web3, and they match the public chain positioning of Zetrix, which is expected to create huge new liquidity.


A peer-to-peer system designed for full-chain transactions

Project Introduction:PicWe is an Omni-chainTrade Infra.Users can trade the Crypto on other blockchains bridgelessly.

PicWe protocol is a peer-to-peer system designed for trading on omni-chain. PicWe is a decentralized liquidity infrastructure designed to enable seamless asset transfers across multiple blockchains. It supports deployment on any blockchain, including EVM-compatible chains, heterogeneous chains, and the Bitcoin blockchain. PicWe is currently completing its V2 protocol upgrade, which allows users to use USDT on one chain to purchase tokens on another chain.


Web3Labs review: The main development path of the web3 world has always been the interconnection of all chains. Connecting the data islands of various chains and integrating the liquidity of various assets on different chains will bring huge practical value. With its innovative technology and rich experience in the underlying trading platform, PicWe will bring infinite possibilities for the overall liquidity integration of the web3 world to public chains including Zetrix.


Subtitle: The Web3 social network that revolutionizes the theme of occultism

Project Introduction:Quaere.ai (Beta Testnet) revolutionizes the Web3 social network themed around mysticism through AI. It provides a decentralized social network for both humans and AI, and establishes a personality description data layer inspired by astrology to facilitate the scalability and availability of DApps.


Web3Labs Review: The spiritual fields related to astrology, prediction, and occultism have created hundreds of billions of dollars in output value in the real world, but this value has not been captured by the Web3 world. The computing and storage capabilities and incentives brought by Web3 will further empower human spiritual and social activities, bringing corresponding offline value to the Zetrix public chain and entering the Web3 world.


A fully decentralized on-chain index token trading platform

Project Description: infinix is a fully decentralized on-chain index token trading platform. With infinix, users can easily enter the field of cryptocurrency investment by holding only one token, greatly reducing the investment threshold and allowing ordinary users to enjoy the market dividends of crypto assets. At the same time, users can also create their own index tokens to earn extra income.


Web3Labs Review: By aggregating fragmented liquidity, infinix provides a unique secondary market trading platform that fully releases capital efficiency. It can also be extended in the RWA field, which is fully in line with Zetrix’s development strategy.

Web3Labs & Zetrix Aspiration

The acceleration program aims to discover and cultivate outstanding projects with innovative and technological potential through rigorous screening, while leveraging Hong Kong’s policy advantages in the Web3 field to provide a broad international stage for these projects. We have high expectations for each project in this program and believe that they will demonstrate their outstanding strength and influence worldwide. Web3Labs will continue to uphold the concept of openness, cooperation, and win-win results, and work together with global partners to promote innovation and development in the Web3 field.

About Web3Labs

Web3Labs serves as a one-stop entry point for Web3.0 entrepreneurship, aiming to respond to the policy declaration of the Hong Kong SAR Government. It supports global Web3 enterprises in establishing a presence in Hong Kong and connecting internationally through services such as on-the-ground support, investment acceleration, technological collaboration, and compliance assistance.

Web3Labs currently has offline incubators in locations including Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Hangzhou, and Beijing. Under the Web3Labs umbrella, there are two vertical track incubation institutions and two vertical track incubation funds. These are ICC Camp, which specializes in the GameFi sector, AIFocus, which concentrates on AI+Web3 and the Depin field, as well as the Satoshi Labs fund focused on the Bitcoin ecosystem, and the computational power fund that centers on early-stage AI projects.

About Zetrix

Zetrix is a first-layer public blockchain that facilitates smart contracts, privacy, security, and scalability. Zetrix’s cryptographic infrastructure can be used in a variety of industries to connect the public sector, businesses, and individuals with the global blockchain economy. Owned by MyEG Services Limited, Zetrix cross-border and cross-chain connects the infrastructure and equipment of national blockchains, enabling Zetrix to act as a blockchain gateway and facilitate global trade by deploying key building blocks of Web3 services, such as blockchain-based identification code BID and verifiable credentials VC.




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