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Computing Power Fund Launches: Antalpha, Web3Labs & Gordford Recruit AI Innovators Globally

Antalpha Ventures, a global investment institution focusing on cutting-edge technology, Web3Labs, a well-known Web3 incubator in Asia, and HB Ventures, a venture capital institution, have jointly initiated a computational power fund and are now globally recruiting early and mid-stage AI computational power projects.

Background of the Computational Power Fund Establishment

In the era where artificial intelligence drives human economic growth, computational power has become the new “energy”. With a large demand for computational power in the training and inference stages of AI, the price of computational power has risen significantly due to increasing demands from global technology companies.

Antalpha Ventures, Web3Labs, and HB Ventures established this computational power fund to assist early and mid-stage AI companies to cope with these challenges. With computational power and our strong AI and Web3 resources, networks, and partners, we aim to incubate and accelerate innovative and high-quality AI and AI-related Web3 projects and effectively cater to the needs of early projects based on computational power.

For application-oriented AI projects with a large demand for computational power, such as AIGC text, images, videos, and computational power platforms, our computational power fund can provide essential support and help projects save on early high computing costs.

Vision of the Computational Power Fund

The vision of the computational power fund is to assist early and mid-stage AI companies in dealing with computational power challenges. We aim to incubate and accelerate innovative and high-quality AI and AI-related Web3 projects. Through the form of a computational power fund, we hope to effectively solve the needs of early projects based on GPU computing, truly support high-quality early AI projects, and provide strong support for the development and application of AI technology.

Available Computational Power

The Computational Power Fund of Antalpha Ventures, Web3Labs, and HB Ventures will invest computational power into AI projects. The value of the available computational power will reach tens of millions of dollars. Our computational power is designed for low latency, high processing demand application scenarios, such as AI/ML training, inference, computing, and cloud gaming.

Project Recruitment Requirements

To ensure that the computational power fund can accurately support innovative and market potential AI projects, we have formulated the following project recruitment requirements:

Project Type

  • Application-oriented projects with computational power demand, including AI-generated text, images, videos, etc.
  • Decentralized computational power platform related, including AI training, AI inference, etc.
  • Other Web3+AI projects with computational power related needs

Project Needs

  • The project has certain innovation
  • The team background is strong, and teams with successful related project experience are preferred

Message from Caspar Wong, Web3Labs CEO

The computational power fund jointly launched by Antalpha Ventures, Web3Labs, and HB Ventures will provide powerful computational power support for global AI projects, and promote the rapid development and application of AI technology. We welcome project teams that meet the requirements to sign up enthusiastically and work with us to create a better future!

Pre-registration window: Click here to register for the Computational Power Fund

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Web3Labs, as a one-stop entry point for Web3.0 entrepreneurship, aims to respond to the policy statement of the Hong Kong SAR government by supporting global Web3 companies to layout in Hong Kong and link internationally. Currently, it has offline incubators in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Hangzhou, Beijing, and other places.


Antalpha Ventures invests in future global infrastructure technologies for Web 3.0, blockchain, and digital assets. We help our portfolio companies build disruptive decentralized businesses and develop at an exponential rate. We invest in startups from pre-seed to Series B, with a focus on Web 3.0 middleware technologies, including (x)Fi, NFT, ZKP, DAO, etc.

About HB Ventures

HB Ventures is a fund management company jointly initiated by Goldford and Mujin Capital. Goldford targets industries including technology, digital economy, education, and creative industries. Mujin Capital is a venture capital firm dedicated to investing in high-growth tech and Web3.0 companies in Asia.




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