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Neo and Web3Labs Announce Projects Joining the Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program

February 29, 2024 | Neo, the open-source, community-driven blockchain platform where developers are building the future Smart Economy, collaborates with Web3Labs, the Hong Kong-based one-stop gateway for Web3 startups, to announce the participation of eight projects in the Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program. These innovative Web3 projects will receive a starting fund of $20,000 each, with potential follow-up investments of up to $100,000, alongside comprehensive support to foster their growth.

The $10 million USD Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program, launched in Hong Kong in October 2023, aims to bolster promising projects within the city’s Web3 industry, showcasing Hong Kong’s steadfast commitment to becoming the global hub of Web3 innovation.

The eight joining projects (listed at the end of the article) span multiple domains, including the DeFi market, artificial intelligence, games, and more, each representing innovation and technological advancement in their respective fields. With Neo’s $1 million USD input, the Accelerator Program aims to facilitate the rapid growth of these projects through six measures: mentorship guidance, investment incubation, technical support, marketing promotion, resource integration, and legal consultation on policies.

During the selection process, the judges utilized a set of criteria spanning three dimensions to ensure that the chosen projects can truly shine in the competitive market. Additionally, based on these criteria, Neo remains open to exploring other forms of collaboration in the future, particularly focusing on the potential value each project brings to the Neo ecosystem.

  1. Team: The evaluation includes an assessment of the project team’s background, experience, leadership, and execution capabilities.
  2. Market Value: The assessment considers the project’s current status and potential within its market segment, including factors such as market size, growth rate, and user adoption.
  3. Innovation: Projects are evaluated based on the novelty of their concepts, the creativity of their proposed solutions, and the sophistication of their technology.

Announcing the projects, John Wang, Head of Neo Ecosystem Growth and Managing Director of Neo EcoFund, said: “We extend a warm welcome to all eight outstanding Web3 projects joining the Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program. This initiative, backed by Neo, Web3Labs and other esteemed professionals, is dedicated to empowering these projects for success in a fiercely competitive industry. Offering strategic guidance, project launches, financial grants, and marketing insights, the accelerator program stands as an invaluable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovative developers.”

Web3Labs CEO Caspar Wong stated: “The acceleration program is a key strategic initiative for Web3Labs, aiming to unite more world-class public chains or institutions to jointly provide ecosystem resources to incubate early-stage outstanding projects. At the same time, we aim to bring Hong Kong’s Web3 policies and unique advantages to the global stage. We highly appreciate the high standards and the strategy of selecting the best among the best set jointly by both teams during the project screening process. We look forward to the selected projects shining on the global stage and achieving great success in the new cycle under our acceleration.

Web3Labs x Neo Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program Support: Seoul Acceleration Tour and Hong Kong Elite Mentorship Program

As part of the Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program, the selected teams will embark on a five-day acceleration tour to Seoul, South Korea. This tour aims to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the latest trends and developments in the Web3 field, enabling them to stay abreast of industry advancements.

Additionally, teams will engage in a three-day intensive mentorship program held in Hong Kong. To ensure the quality and effectiveness of the training, Web3Labs has meticulously curated a group of industry leaders as mentors. This esteemed panel includes Wang Feng, Xiao Feng, Yat Siu, Sebastien, Blue, and Cai Wensheng, among other renowned figures. These mentors will offer comprehensive guidance on topics such as user growth, game distribution strategies, risk and security, and the concept of the metaverse, ensuring that participants receive expert knowledge and guidance across various critical areas.

Neo and Web3Labs eagerly anticipate collaborating with these outstanding projects, driving the Web3 movement towards the Smart Economy. With the support of the Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program, projects will benefit from comprehensive guidance and mentorship, paving the way for a more free, just, and innovative world. The future of Web3 is now, and these projects hold the key to unlocking boundless opportunities.

Overview of the Selected Projects

TrendX: Building a New Ecosystem for Web3 Trading Experience

TrendX is reshaping the Web3 trading ecosystem, positioning itself ahead of numerous competitors with its revolutionary AI-driven trading platform. Leveraging cutting-edge big data and AI technologies, the platform offers users in-depth market trend analysis and intelligent decision support for trading. TrendX’s primary competitive edge lies in its advanced AI language processing model and on-chain data analytics capabilities, providing users with unprecedented trading experiences and insights.

Currently, the platform boasts over 81,000 interactive addresses and has garnered over 39,000 Twitter key opinion leaders, attracting over 180 professional institutions to join the veDAO expert committee. With over 8,300 projects listed on TrendX and more than 220 talent scouts continuously adding new Web3 projects, these statistics not only demonstrate the platform’s broad appeal and influence but also showcase its expanding and deepening market footprint within the Web3 domain.

EVMS: Pioneer in Building a Cross-Chain Inscription Exchange

EVMS is a multi-chain inscription exchange supported by intelligent indexers, providing users with a wide range of asset trading options through its strong technical support and extensive partner network. Its products include a modular intelligent inscription indexing engine that allows project parties to issue protocols based on different indexing rules, as well as a multi-chain inscription trading market. 

EVMS has successfully integrated with the OKX Web3 Wallet and Binance Web3 Wallet, enabling its users to seamlessly trade across multiple blockchains, including BNB Chain, Polygon, ZKSync, BTC L2, and others. EVMS has received investment from Binance Capital BNB 48 Club and has support from 10+ L1 public chains and BTC L2 public chains, aiming to build a thriving new asset trading platform.

PlayEstates: Pioneering Global User-Friendly Real Estate Investment

PlayEstates significantly reduces the barriers for global users to enter the real estate market by splitting and tokenizing properties. Its innovation lies in transforming real estate investment from an intimidating endeavor into a seamless and enjoyable experience. Users can utilize crypto assets to invest in high-quality real assets and enjoy annual returns ranging from 8% to 20%.

Furthermore, users can not only invest in global properties but also trade on the secondary market, benefiting from asset appreciation and rental income. PlayEstates represents a model innovation in the realm of Real World Assets (RWA). In the future, the platform will diversify its product offerings, such as usage rights, online loans, mortgage loans, and other extended products, which will gradually become available as the platform evolves.

Recently, PlayEstates deployed a beta version on Blast, opening up product testing. Users participating in the experience will receive airdrops of its OWND tokens and NFT rewards.

Blade of God X (BOG X): Epic Action Role-Playing Masterpiece Continuing the Classic Game Legend

“Blade of God X” (BOG X) is an AAA-grade action role-playing game (Action-RPG), serving as the latest installment in the studio’s flagship series “Blade of Gods.” The previous installment, “Blade of God 1,” accumulated over 3.5 million downloads worldwide across mobile and PC platforms. Upon its release in early 2023, “Blade of God 2” naturally garnered over 2.5 million downloads.

BOG X employs the patented PG engine, a cross-platform 3D solution that was previously used in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and served as the primary dynamic graphic designer for Beyoncé’s halftime performance at the 2013 Super Bowl. The development team boasts over 17 years of professional experience in the Asian gaming market and has received support from Tencent (Series A investor) and Perfect World (Seed Round investor). Additionally, the project will integrate the latest AI Agent technology, ushering AI into the world of Web3 gaming.

N2FT: Innovative Multi-Chain Market for NFT Liquidity and Value

N2FT serves as a multi-chain NFT aggregator and marketplace, enhancing the intrinsic value and liquidity of NFTs through innovative technology and gameplay. By binding ERC-721 standard NFTs with ETH to upgrade them to ERC-721D, it presents an effective solution to address liquidity challenges in the NFT market.

OwlSync: Leading a New Era of Data Synchronization and Analysis

OwlSync is a leading AI-driven Web3 media aggregator, committed to achieving instant information synchronization and automation tasks. This decentralized Layer 3 network based on the OwlSync protocol makes it possible to integrate traditional social media data sources on-chain, ensuring the security and transparency of user data interactions. Through core features such as real-time data synchronization, intelligent Q&A, and deep analysis, OwlSync greatly enhances the efficiency of information retrieval and sharing. Furthermore, with its AI analysis engine, it provides precise personalized insights, optimizing the user decision-making process.

OwlSync is manifested in multiple application scenarios. It not only provides real-time question-and-answer responses in social applications such as Telegram and Discord but also offers investment research reports and market insights through in-depth analysis functions. OwlSync is becoming an important force driving the development of innovative digital ecosystems, envisioning a more connected, efficient, and intelligent future.

Zest: A Web3-native lifestyle brand for sustainable products

Zest is dedicated to creating sustainable products and raising awareness of sustainability through Web3 incentivization, thereby reducing the impact of global climate change. The first product line, Mode323, consists of athletic shoes made entirely from renewable materials and produced in collaboration with brands like Nike.

On the Web3 front, Zest has developed a system for recording and rewarding user behavior in using sustainable products, aiming to connect manufacturers, brands, and users to create a community with a strong consensus on sustainability. Built on Solana, Zest’s team hails from top Web3 projects like Helium and RSS3.

CHIPCHIP: A Web3 Chess and Card Gaming Platform

CHIPCHIP is the next-generation chess and card gaming platform targeting the global market of 500 million digital asset holders and 1 billion chess and card game enthusiasts worldwide. CHIPCHIP seamlessly integrates chess and card games with social features, streamlining game organization and establishing a social network. The core framework includes rapid matchmaking for chess and card games and a platform for game distribution. Users have the option to securely custody their digital assets on the CHIPCHIP platform or within smart contracts.

CHIPCHIP is set to launch its first Web3 Texas Hold’em product soon. Highlights include the ability to compete and trade with friends anytime, anywhere, without any entry barriers, the ability to set participation criteria based on NFT ownership or specific group chat memberships to drive community engagement, support for users to spectate games and showcase NFTs or social media accounts as personal identities, and earning token airdrops through gameplay. CHIPCHIP aims to create a highly engaging Web3 chess and card gaming platform.

About Neo

Founded in 2014, Neo is an open-source, community-driven blockchain platform designed to welcome developers into the Smart Economy. By enabling developers to digitize and automate the management of assets through smart contracts, Neo is built to realize the optimized digital world of the future. As the most developer-friendly blockchain, Neo meets developers where they are by integrating seamlessly with the world’s most widely used languages and tools, and providing the most feature-complete blockchain platform for building full-stack decentralized applications. With native support for powerful infrastructure including decentralized storage, oracles, and domain name service, Neo is the ideal foundation for developers to build the next generation Internet.

About Web3Labs

Web3Labs aims to respond to the policy statement from the HKSAR Government on the development of virtual assets in Hong Kong. Through on-the-ground support, investment acceleration, technical collaborations, and compliance assistance, Web3Labs is dedicated to helping global Web3 companies establish their presence in Hong Kong. Its goal is to create a one-stop gateway for Web3 entrepreneurs. As of the end of July 2023, Web3Labs has provided consultation or support for nearly 1,000 Web3 enterprises in terms of advice or on-the-ground services.

In the face of global technological competition, Web3Labs strives to stay at the forefront of the market, understand the needs and challenges of entrepreneurs, and provide a legitimate, comprehensive, professional, and in-depth entrepreneurial environment. Web3Labs aims to foster national and even world-class unicorns, contributing to the steady advancement of the industry.




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