DFINITY Foundation Teams Up with Web3Labs to Drive Blockchain Innovation and Ecosystem Upgrade in Asia

Web3Labs Joins Hands with BitcoinAsia Summit and Three Major Events Officially Open in Hong Kong

In the vast expanse of digital currency, Web3Labs, with its unique perspective and outstanding strength, joined hands with BitcoinAsia Summit to plan three high-profile events, bringing a feast of ideas to people inside and outside the industry. This is not only an in-depth exploration of the Bitcoin ecosystem, but also an eager expectation for the future digital economy.

1. BitcoinDevCon: Gathering at the Forefront of Technology

With the increasing development of Bitcoin, technological innovation has become the driving force propelling it forward. To gather industry elites and jointly explore the cutting-edge technologies of the #Bitcoin ecosystem, BitcoinDevCon will grandly open from May 7th to 8th. This technology feast will invite numerous industry experts to share their forward-looking perspectives and practical experiences. Here, not only will there be a collision of technologies, but also a spark of thinking. Whether you are a senior Bitcoin enthusiast or a newcomer to blockchain technology, you can find your place here, explore, learn, and communicate together.

🔗Registration Link: https://bitcoindevcon.com

2. VVIP Welcome Dinner: Industry Elites, Talking about the Future

In the lively atmosphere of BitcoinDevCon, the VVIP Welcome Dinner, the eve of the BitcoinAsia Summit, is about to kick off on the evening of May 8th. This dinner is jointly hosted by BitcoinAsia,Johnny NG Kit-chong , a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, and Adrian Cheng Chi-kong ,the Chairman of the Hong Kong Wealth Heritage Academy.

The dinner will specifically invite top industry professionals and significant builders from the Bitcoin ecosystem in Europe, America, and Asia. This warm-up event once again demonstrates the high attention of Hong Kong’s industry and policy promoters to the development of Web3, and reflects their eager expectations for building a more prosperous and innovative future. It is believed that the experts at the dinner will draw a blueprint for the future of Bitcoin on this bustling land of Hong Kong.

3. BitcoinAsia Summit: Asia’s First Show, with a focus on Hong Kong

Finally, we will witness the grand unveiling of the BitcoinAsia Summit. As an important milestone for the Bitcoin Summit to enter Asia for the first time, the Bitcoin Asia Summit will be unveiled in Hong Kong from May 9th to 10th. This summit is not only a platform for Bitcoin ecosystem builders to exchange and cooperate, but also a window for them to jointly explore future development trends.

This summit not only brings together top experts and builders in the industry, but also sets up a Main stage, a Second stage, and a dedicated Expo Hall exhibition area. Here, you will hear a series of exciting theme sharing, witness exciting hackathons and developer workshops, participate in creative Pitch Day activities, and enjoy immersive Ordinals art exhibitions and interactive experiences. This is the first time that the Bitcoin Summit has entered Asia and settled in Hong Kong, which will surely bring an unprecedented visual and ideological feast to people inside and outside the industry, fully demonstrating the diverse charm and infinite possibilities of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Follow the link below to learn more about the summit and make an appointment in advance: https://b.tc/conference/zh-hk/asia

In this era of digital currency, the three events jointly organized by Web3Labs and BitcoinAsia Summit will undoubtedly unveil a new chapter in the Bitcoin ecosystem for us. Let’s discuss the future and create brilliant achievements together with people from all walks of life! We are looking forward to what surprises and inspirations these events will bring us.

About Web3Labs

As a one-stop entrance for Web3.0 entrepreneurship, Web3Labs aims to respond to the policy declaration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government, and help global Web3 enterprises to layout in Hong Kong and connect with the international community through landing services, investment acceleration, technology cooperation, and compliance assistance. Currently, it has offline incubators in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Hangzhou, Beijing and other places.

Web3Labs has three vertical investment institutions, namely Satoshi Labs, which invests in the Bitcoin ecosystem, ICC Camp, which is deeply involved in the Gamefi field, and AIFocus, which focuses on AI+Web3 and Depin.



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