DFINITY Foundation Teams Up with Web3Labs to Drive Blockchain Innovation and Ecosystem Upgrade in Asia

Web3Labs strategic collaboration brings Bitcoin Asia Summit to a successful conclusion

On May 10, 2024, Bitcoin Asia 2024 came to a close at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong Kong. As a strategic partner of the organizer BTC Inc., Web3Labs contributed immensely to the organization and successful execution of the event.

As a global leader in Web3 financial technology, The Bitcoin Conference was previously held annually in the United States, with over 50,000 participants. The conference aims to promote the global development and cooperation of Bitcoin and Web3 technology.

Hong Kong, being one of the most important global centers for Web3 and virtual assets, was chosen to host the conference. On the first day of Bitcoin Asia 2024, over 10,000 participants from around the world gathered, including experts, tech developers, investors, and more than 50 exhibitors.

The opening ceremony saw the attendance of Web3Labs advisor and Hong Kong legislative council member, Dr. Johnny NG Kit-chong, and Web3Labs founder Caspar Wong. Dr. Johnny NG Kit-chong, the keynote speaker, emphasized Hong Kong’s role as an international financial and innovation center, actively promoting the development of Web3. Since the release of Hong Kong’s “Policy Declaration on the Development of Virtual Assets” in October 2022, the virtual asset (VA) market has grown rapidly, demonstrating the government’s commitment to exploring financial innovation. In December 2022, the government approved the listing of Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETFs, and established a licensing and regulatory system for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) on June 1, 2023. Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) trading services can now be offered to retail investors.

For Bitcoin Asia 2024, Web3Labs leveraged its strong influence and resource advantage in the Asian market, playing a key role in policy support, investment cooperation, promotional exposure, ticket distribution, and localized consultation and services. With the organizer, they aimed to make the conference a rich, high-standard professional exchange platform and spare no effort to make “Bitcoin Asia” a historically significant industry event, both in Asia and globally.

In addition to helping coordinate the venue, Web3Labs carefully planned and executed the event to ensure high standards. They also worked closely with the main organizer to apply for policy support from Hong Kong and to promote the conference. They sought to further expand the conference’s societal impact and influence through marketing strategies suited to local culture and wider exposure channels, helping Asian users stay informed about the conference and facilitating ticket purchase.

Web3Labs, using its accumulated industry resources, attracted and recruited sponsors for the conference, injecting necessary funds and providing ample resource support.

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to mature, Bitcoin Asia 2024 will be remembered as a landmark moment where Hong Kong demonstrated its inclusivity and potential to change the world.

At the pre-summit welcome dinner, Dr. Johnny NG Kit-chong, advisor of Web3Labs and member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, delivered a remarkable speech. We were honored to have invited leading experts in the Web3 field from around the globe. They engaged in extensive exchanges and in-depth discussions on the prospects and development of Web3 during the dinner. The event achieved great success and reached a rich consensus. The dinner concluded perfectly in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Through this conference, Web3Labs hopes to demonstrate its commitment to promoting the global development of the Bitcoin ecosystem and supporting Hong Kong as the future global center of the crypto industry. They believe that Hong Kong will attract more industry elites, investors, and thought leaders through the Bitcoin Asia platform, to jointly explore and shape the future of Bitcoin and the entire Web3 industry. They look forward to witnessing history in Hong Kong and collectively opening a new chapter for Bitcoin.

About Web3Labs

As a one-stop entrance for Web3.0 entrepreneurship, Web3Labs aims to respond to the policy declaration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government, and help global Web3 enterprises to layout in Hong Kong and connect with the international community through landing services, investment acceleration, technology cooperation, and compliance assistance. Currently, it has offline incubators in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Hangzhou, Beijing and other places.

Web3Labs has three vertical investment institutions, namely Satoshi Labs, which invests in the Bitcoin ecosystem, ICC Camp, which is deeply involved in the Gamefi field, and AIFocus, which focuses on AI+Web3 and Depin.



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