DFINITY Foundation Teams Up with Web3Labs to Drive Blockchain Innovation and Ecosystem Upgrade in Asia

Web3Labs Unveils Top Advisor Team and Mentor Lineup to Promote Web3.0 Innovation

As a one-stop gateway for Web3 startups incubation, acceleration, and investment, Web3Labs aims to assist entrepreneurs to gain a foothold in Hong Kong and expand globally, advancing further and higher in the Web3.0 sphere. Web3Labs has invited a group of advisors and mentors with extensive experience and expertise. They will provide unique guidance and in-depth support to the projects joining Web3Labs, facilitating their success. Web3Labs is honored to unveil its first advisor team and frontline mentor lineup.


In addition, Web3Labs is collaborating with Neo to jointly launch the Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program with a fund of $1 million USD, providing investment support to selected projects. The program offers 6 major benefits including mentor guidance, investment and incubation, technical support, marketing promotion, industry connections and policy and legal consultation. Projects interested in obtaining guidance from Web3Labs mentors can learn more and apply at Web3Labs website (https://web3labs.g-rocket.co).


The advisor team consists of industry leaders including National Committee of CPPCC member Johnny Ng, finance expert Peter Lai, Cyberport director Jack Kong, and BAI founder and CEO Alexandru Cujba. They will leverage their influence to provide policy guidance, industry resources, investment and financing opportunities for Web3Labs.


The mentor lineup gathers top talents in various blockchain sectors, such as Neo founder Da Hongfei, and HashKey Group CEO Xiao Feng. These mentors will provide guidance to selected startups, assisting projects in determining strategic direction, improving technical solutions, acquiring users etc. 


Web3Labs Advisor Team


Web3Labs has gathered top talents in the blockchain industry, forming a high-standard advisor team. The team members have all achieved outstanding success in their respective fields, with extensive industry experience and expertise. The first 4 members of Web3Labs’ advisor team are:


1. Johnny Ng, Legislative Council member of Hong Kong SAR

Dr. Hon. Johnny Ng, MH, JP, is a Member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Legislative Council member of Hong Kong SAR, Founder of Goldford Group, and serves on various prestigious roles in Hong Kong.


Dr. Ng is a Member of the Hong Kong Election Committee, Member of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Advisor to the Hong Kong United Youth Association among other positions.

(Twitter: @Johnny_nkc)


2. Peter Lai, Chief Executive Economic Advancement Expert Group

Peter Lai is a Senior Global Investment Advisor of Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive’s Economic Advancement Expert Group.


He has extensive senior experience in major international financial institutions including HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, Lehman Brothers, United Overseas Bank, DBS Bank and Vista Bank.


From mid-2006 to early 2013, Mr. Lai served as a weekly commentator for CNBC. With in-depth domain expertise in banking and investments, as well as a unique perspective from engaging global media, Mr. Lai provides invaluable insights and counsel to advance Hong Kong’s financial competitiveness and growth opportunities.


3. Jack Kong, Director of Hong Kong Cyberport

Jack Kong, PhD, is the Director of Hong Kong Cyberport, Founder of Nano Labs, and Member of the Hong Kong SAR Government’s Task Force on Promoting Web3 Development.


Dr. Kong previously served as Co-Chairman of Canaan Creative, under his leadership, Canaan Creative and Nano Labs successfully listed on NASDAQ. He also serves as Vice President of Zhejiang Semiconductor Industry Association and Vice President of Zhejiang Metaverse Association.


(Twitter: @punk8185)


4. Alexandru Cujba, Founder and Executive President of BAI

Ambassador Alexandru Cujba is the Founder and Executive President of Blockchain Alliance International (BAI).


He previously served as Permanent Representative of Moldova to the United Nations, Vice-President of the UN General Assembly (63rd session), Vice-President of the UN Economic and Social Council (2010), Secretary-General of the South-South Steering Committee for Sustainable Development (2013-2015), and Executive President of South-South Awards (2013-2015).


Web3Labs Mentor Team


Web3Labs has gathered the first batch of top mentors, forming a powerful mentor team. These mentors cover outstanding talents in various fields including blockchain, Web3.0, cryptocurrency, gaming, investment and more.


These mentors will provide guidance tailored to the needs of the startup teams selected for the Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program, assisting projects holistically in establishing strategic direction, improving technical solutions, and accelerating product iteration. They will also offer themed courses to impart practical skills and help projects realize applications.


1. Xiao Feng, Chairman and CEO of HashKey Group

Xiao Feng is Chairman and CEO of HashKey Group, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of Wanxiang Holdings, and more.


Dr. Xiao holds a doctoral degree in Economics from Nankai University, with over 20 years of experience in securities and asset management. He previously served as Board Secretary and Securities Committee Chairman of Konka Group Co., Ltd, and President of Bosera Asset Management Co., Ltd.


2. Da Hongfei, Founder of Neo

Da Hongfei is the founder of Neo, a leading figure in China’s blockchain industry. As a serial entrepreneur, his expertise in blockchain technology has provided valuable support to banks, brokerages and exchanges.


Since 2011, he has been exploring blockchain technology applications, and is a well-known columnist for major blockchain media like 8btc. He founded Neo in 2014.

(Twitter: @dahongfei)


3. Patrick Dai,  Co-founder of Qtum

Patrick Dai is the co-founder of Qtum. A graduate of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, he is the author of “Blockchain from 0 to 1” and co-translator of the book “Blockchain – Blueprint for a New Economy”.


(Twitter: @PatrickXDai)


4. Forest Bai, Co-founder of Foresight Ventures

Forest Bai, Co-founder of Foresight Ventures, Chairman of The Block. Foresight Ventures is a crypto fund focusing on supporting Web3 projects while advancing cryptocurrency towards mainstream adoption.


The Block is the leading information services brand in crypto, with best-in-class news, research, and data insights to inform decision-making by those investing, operating, or interested in learning about digital assets at the intersection with finance and technology.




5. Sheldon Xia, Founder and CEO of GBM

Sheldon Xia, Founder and CEO of GBM. A serial entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in digital assets and blockchain, skilled in blockchain technology and financial system solutions.


Founded BitMart in 2017, entering top 10 globally in 2020. Completed $300 million Series B led by ACLP in 2021, named in CNBC’s Top 200 Financial Technology Companies 2022. GBM has exchanges, fund management, VC funds, media, custody, and more.


(Twitter: @sheldonbitmart)


6. Zheng Yushan, Co-founder of Waterdrip Capital

Zheng Yushan, Co-founder of Waterdrip Capital. PhD from the University of Montreal. Early blockchain researcher and community participant since 2012. Now focuses on blockchain investment, incubation and research.


Founded in 2017, Waterdrip Capital is a leading vertical blockchain VC firm in Asia. Accumulative investment in over 150 projects, mainly in infrastructure and across Web3 fields.


(Twitter: @shanshan521)


7. Dujun, Co-founder of Huobi Group 

Dujun, Co-founder of Huobi Group. Also Co-founder of @ABCDElabs and GP, currently CEO of @SinohopeGroup. Previously involved in founding Huobi, Jinse Finance, Node Capital, ChainUp, CoinTime, etc. Now CEO of New Huo Tech (1611HK).


(Twitter: @DujunX)


8. Wang Feng, Founder of Mars Finance

Wang Feng, Founder of Mars Finance. Also Founder, Chairman and Board Chairman of Linekong Interactive. MBA from Peking University with over 20 years of Internet industry experience. Founded Linekong Interactive in March 2007, leading the company through major stages of the industry.

9. DiscusFish, Co-founder of Cobo

DiscusFish is among the earliest Bitcoin evangelists and crypto pioneers globally. He has extensive influence in the global Chinese crypto community.


In 2013, DiscusFish co-founded F2Pool, which grew to become the largest crypto mining pool globally. Its innovation of settling every 24 hours later became an industry standard. In 2017, Fish co-founded Cobo with Dr. Changhao Jiang and serves as CEO.


(Twitter: @bitfish1)


10. Caspar Wong, CEO of Web3Labs

Caspar Wong is the CEO of Web3Labs. He is also the Vice Secretary of the Hong Kong Web3 Association and serves as a Member of the Hong Kong Olympic Committee and Hong Kong Athletes Career and Education Programme Commission (HKACED) and Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Youth Synergy (HKYS). He was a Judge for the 2019 and 2020 National College Students’ Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Competitions in China. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Administration at Tsinghua University.

(Twitter: @casparclwong)


11. Kevin Shao, Executive Chairman of ABGA

Kevin Shao serves as Executive Chairman of ABGA, Co-Founder of Bitrise Capital, and Co-Founder of Nova Global Investment Alliance.

He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Zhejiang University and an Executive MBA from the National University of Singapore.

Mr. Shao was named in the first batch of experts on the “Blockchain 50” list and awarded Top 100 Blockchain Influencers for his thought leadership.


(Twitter: @kevinshao6)


Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program Application Countdown 5 Days


The frontline advisors and mentors for the Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program boast strong capabilities. With extensive experience and expertise in blockchain, Web3.0 and asset management, they will provide professional insights and in-depth support to guide and empower projects to succeed in the Web3.0 sphere.


Whether you are a blockchain startup novice or already have a project in hand, the Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program is an excellent opportunity to take flight. Welcome to join Web3Labs and grow together with top mentor teams!


For more information, please visit the Web3Labs website www.web3labs.com or Twitter: @Web3LabsClub



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